Sunday, October 22, 2006


I haven't felt much like running since my marathon, but I have felt like housecleaning. I normally hate housecleaning, but lately, I just feel the need to put things in order.

I decided to rejoin the Flylady. You can find her at She is just the thing for the housecleaning/organizationally challenged. I've been doing Kelly's missions for the past two weeks, and doing major fall cleaning on the weekends.

We've been thinking about getting new kitchen appliances for a couple of years, but have procrastinated on it. This weekend, we decided we would just go to Sears to look at the different fridge/stove/microwave models and get some prices. We're thinking we'll renovate the kitchen in the spring, so we might as well start doing some research now. We found exactly what we wanted, and Sears was having a promotion, so guess what we did??? These babies are now mine!!!

We get delivery in about a week and a half. We need to have time to get a gas fitter to put in the gas pipe for the stove. I am so excited. I'll have to post pictures of my old appliances and then you'll understand my excitement.

It's a little hard to tell from the pictures, but they are stainless steel. I wavered back and forth about getting stainless, because they tend to show fingerprints, but we don't have any little kids at home, so it shouldn't be a major issue. I'll just have to polish them up after visits from my goddaughter. No big deal.

Hubby says we're definitely getting new kitchen cupboards in the spring. We'll see. I've only been waiting 13 years.

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