Monday, February 12, 2007

Good Farm News

A couple of weeks ago, the lawyer for my mother-in-law's estate called to say the farm land had been severed and the deed to Hubby's section is now in his name. Halleluiah. It's only taken about 18 months to settle the estate. The lawyers are unbelievably slow and the a**hole brother-in-law wasn't exactly cooperative either. But it's done and now we can move on with the renovations.

Then on Saturday, we got a phone call from a farmer down that way who wants to rent the land. He made a reasonable offer, so Hubby took him up on it. It's all coming together. With the land rental and the rental of the small house, the farm will pay for itself. What a relief.

Yesterday, we went bathtub shopping, and I think we got two picked out, one for each house. Hubby just wants to talk to the plumber and take some more measurements before buying them. We picked out a clawfoot tub for the big house. That room is going to look so nice when it's finished.

Hubby will be spending a couple of weeks there in March, possibly getting the bathrooms put back in and varnishing the panelling. There's no heat or running water, so it won't be much fun for him, but he thinks he can get the space heater in the living room working, and we have two other electric heaters. He can put one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen to warm those rooms up. It'll be like camping. He'll have fun. I'm just glad I'm not going.

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