Sunday, January 06, 2008

Boston Breakfast Club

Training for the Boston Marathon started on Thursday and today was our first long run. The people going to Boston meet at 7:00 am and do 4 miles before meeting up with the rest of the group at 8:00 am. As I am an official member of the Boston Breakfast Club, I was there right on time. Coach Johnny Rotten gave us the route and told us to take it nice and easy. Yeah right. I started out okay, but just over half way, everyone else in the group had passed me. I was the last one to finish. I had to keep reminding myself that I have as much right as everyone else to be in this group. I qualified for Boston and I'm going to enjoy the whole experience.

We were supposed to run a minimum of 10 miles with the group, but since I haven't been doing much running lately, I did 8, for a total of 12 miles. It was plenty. My legs were ready to give out by the time we finished. It turned out to be a really good run. The rain stopped before we went out, and the temperature was above freezing. What more can you hope for when it's January in Canada?

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