Friday, January 26, 2007


Last night with the running group, Coach gave us the option to run 8 or 10 miles. It was so cold, I opted for 8. As soon as we left the building I could feel my face freeze up. It felt better after a couple of miles, but then about 5 miles into the run, my outer thighs froze. What a weird feeling. They were numb and tingly at the same time. I was tired, but didn’t want to take very many walk breaks because it was just too damned cold to walk. I checked the temperature when I got home and it was -19 C.

I was too cold to blog about it when I got home. I just made a hot chocolate (low fat of course) and hunkered down under a blanket in my favourite recliner. I watched my very first episode of Brothers & Sisters. It was kind of dumb, but I like Sally Field, and Rob Lowe is easy on the eyes, so I might watch it again. It can be my Thursday night post run TV show.

This morning I fluffed my clothes in the dryer and then put them on warm. It felt so good. It was -16 when I left for work with a windchill of -25. We had such a mild December, why are we getting this crappy weather now?

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