Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On the Farm Front

On the weekend, we picked out kitchen cupboards and countertops for the small house on the farm. The interior painting is supposed to be done this week. Once the cupboards are in, we can get the plumbing fixed and the floors laid, and it should just about be ready to rent out.

I'd like to get some painting done in the big house too, but there's no heat or running water in there right now. We hired someone to paint the small house, but we're going to do the big house ourselves. It's a little overwhelming and I wish we could just get started. If we new this winter was going to be so mild, we probably wouldn't have shut the water off, but we're so afraid of frozen pipes bursting.

I should just enjoy this time and concentrate on my running right now. We'll get the work done on the farm all in good time.

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Elvira said...

Well said.