Saturday, January 06, 2007

Marathon Training Group

I haven't registered for the marathon training group because Christmas has left me in a little cash deficit. But I did get good news at work the other day. My company has changed their policy on paying health club dues. They have expanded it to include things like yoga and pilates classes and classes taken at community centres. So I put in a request to see if they would pay my gold team membership at the running store and guess what, they said yes! They will pay 100% up to a maximum of $500 per year. It won't completely cover both the running and GoodLife memberships, but I'll end up only being about $130 out of pocket.

Anyway, my coach came up to me on Thursday night and asked if I had registered yet, because he didn't have a training booklet for me. I was a little embarrassed because I thought I could just lay low and he wouldn't notice me. So I guess I'll sign up tomorrow and put in my expense report right away to get reimbursed before it shows up on my credit card bill.

So we all met at GoodLife on Thursday night. The coach gave us our usual pep talk. My friends have been promoted to level two, which means they will be doing more mileage. Since I don't have my booklet yet, I don't know what level he's going to put me in, but it doesn't matter, I'm going to run with my buddies.

We set out for our four mile run - in the rain. What happened to the nice weather we had all day? It wasn't too bad, but we were soaked when we got back.

It was good to see everyone and catch up with them. It almost felt like the first day of school when you haven't seen some of your friends all summer.

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