Monday, January 22, 2007

Long Cold Run

Yesterday I checked the weather network when I got up to get ready for my 12.5 mile long run. It was -16. Yikes! I considered not going since I hate running in really cold weather. But I sort of made a commitment to run in all kinds of weather this winter, so I put on two pairs of tights, two long sleeve tops, mitts over my gloves, and off I went to meet the group.

Coach gave us the route, and oh no! We were going to do the North Street Hill, as if we didn’t get enough hills on Thursday. North Street Hill is kind of steep and it seems like it is never ending, You go around a couple of bends and it’s still going up.

So we started out. Everybody was double suited against the cold. After a few blocks, we were all hot, but that wasn’t to last. The first time I took a drink from my water bottle, I spilled water on my mitts. They froze in no time, and my hands started to get cold.

When we got to North Street Hill, we took a little water break and told each other we could rest at the top. Then off we went. It really wasn’t too bad. We actually ran the whole way which is a huge improvement for us.

When we got to the last water stop, one person in our group needed a pee break, so off she went into the A&P to find a public washroom while Pat and I waited at the water stop. I think that might have been a mistake because after that I felt really cold and sluggish and we still had 5.5 miles to go. We ran back through the park, and it was really cold by the river. My butt cheeks went numb and I thought I might be getting frost bite on my fingers. Pat lent me her windproof mitts and they were like little ovens. My hands warmed up in no time. I’m definitely getting myself a pair.

The air seemed slightly warmer after we left the park, and we made it back in one piece, but we were so cold, we weren’t sure we could even do our stretches. I checked the weather when I got home and it was still only -8. I really felt like I accomplished something, because I’ve been known to wimp out on days like that. Yay me.

I spent the afternoon preparing hubby’s birthday dinner and the kids came over. By 10:00 pm, I was ready to crash. And I did. Leaving the mess in the kitchen to clean up this morning.

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