Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekly Recap

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day, but I snuck a peak at the scale this morning and I didn't lose any weight this week. That got me to wondering, WHY???

I track all of my eating and exercise on SparkPeople, so I took a look at this week's numbers. From last Saturday until yesterday, I did 439 cardio minutes, burning 3,786 calories. That doesn't even include the two 30 minute weight training sessions. So if a pound is 3,500 calories and I burned 3,786, doesn't it stand to reason that I should lose a pound?

So then I took a look at what I ate this week. I was over on my calories 3 days this week (Saturday to Thursday). In total I ate 12,177 calories for a daily average of 2,029. My daily goal is to eat between 1,270 and 1,620. So there you have it, I'm still eating too much. This eating thing is really hard for me. The only junk food I had was cake and ice cream on Sunday when we celebrated hubby's birthday, and that was after running 12.5 miles in the freezing cold. I felt I deserved it.

Today I have another 30 minute weight training session planned and my 60 minute Body Flow class. I'll try to be good with my eating today and see if the numbers change by tomorrow morning.

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