Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Scale Lies

I've been diligently tracking my food intake in
SparkPeople and working out like crazy, and the damned scale hasn't budged. Yesterday, I noticed my pants felt a little loose, so this morning I took measurements, and guess what? I'm down a 1/2 inch on my waist and a 1/2 inch on my hips. Yippee! That means I'm gaining muscle while losing fat. I can take being this weight as long as I know I'm not covered in a layer of fat.

Hubby lost a pound last week. He's set a goal to lose 28 lbs. by July 14. He's not an exerciser, and he loves to eat sweets, so it won't be easy. He goes back to work next week after being off for 6 months (hip replacement), so the weight will probably start to fall of pretty fast till he gets used to the routine again.

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